Saboo Commercial Vehicles

Privacy Policy

Saboo RKS Statement of Privacy

1. Prices / specifications / colours & purchase procedure of any model / variants are subject to change without prior intimation at the discretion of manufacturer.

2. Verbal commitments will not be honored.

3. Approximate delivery date is from the date of receipt of payment and subject to change depending upon production schedule of our Principals & availability of Colours/ Variants.

4. Delivery strictly against full payment (from customer / financier etc.) by the way of DD/Pay order favoring "SABOO COMMERCIAL" Payable at Hyderabad and subject to getting credited to our Bank Account and subject to availability of variant and colour.

5. Cash payments can be accepted only by Showroom Cashier against official receipt.

6. Interest will be charged to customer in case of any delay in payment whatsoever.

7. In case of finance, any refund of excess amounts will be in favor of financier only unless the financier gives directions in writing to refund in favor of customer.

8. Any additional taxes/levies of VAT/Quarterly/Annual tax/Service tax/TCS etc. will be borne by customer only.

9. Income Tax Pan No. & Card is mandatory at the time of booking.

10. Cancellation of Booking shall attract a levy of Rs.1,000/-.

11. Temporary registration and Quarterly/Annual remittance facility can also be availed at nearest e- seva center also.

12. Number plate charges are purely optional and includes RTA fees + User Charges + Postage + Smartcard charges and our manpower and other costs.

13. No modifications/cancellations are allowed under any circumstances once Temporary Registration Certificate is generated.